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If you’re an Adult Third Culture Kid (TCK) who grew up with a love of travel, you certainly aren’t short on appealing vacation destinations on this beautiful planet of ours, although there is a type of vacation that is perhaps more memorable than most, namely a safari adventure. From Africa to India, there are a number of safari locations that provide a deep dive into the animal kingdom.

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Embarking on a safari vacation was once a luxury reserved for the wealthy, but times have changed. Today, there are numerous affordable options available, including many ethical safari trips designed for the budget-conscious traveler. So, if you’ve been dreaming of a safari adventure, there’s no better time to make it a reality.

It’s worth noting that a safari break away isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you find yourself watching nature-themed documentaries on a regular basis and simply adore certain animals, then booking a safari holiday definitely makes sense. You certainly won’t regret it either. In case you need further convincing, let’s assess some of the main reasons why going on safari is the best vacation on earth.


While we can visit a zoo or a nearby wildlife sanctuary to see animals up close, it’s not the same as witnessing them in their natural habitat. Where else on earth can you observe wild animals in their true environment? Yes, a safari adventure may disrupt their privacy to some extent, but it’s the most authentic way to encounter some of the world’s most magnificent creatures. You’ll not only capture unforgettable photos and videos but also create memories that will last a lifetime.



 The knowledgeable guides who facilitate your unforgettable safari experience are driven by their love for the animals. The fees you pay not only cover their wages but also directly support the animals and their welfare. For instance, some safari parks use their earnings to invest in anti-poaching measures. Your contribution also aids in park maintenance and ensures the animals receive the best care when needed. In a world where conservation is crucial, your safari holiday becomes a powerful tool for change.

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 So much of our socializing these days is conducted digitally. You may get your kicks from watching Netflix or spinning on games like Sweet Bonanza Xmas, but once you switch of the device the thrill is short-lived. Being out in the wild, seeing animals in their raw habitat gives you a different perspective on nature. In short, a safari trip will have a lasting impact on you in a way that no other vacation will.

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As for the safari lodges that you’re likely to stay in, many of them provide a relaxing getaway for holidaymakers. There are areas to read, you can enjoy some delicious cuisine, make use of any pampering on offer, or simply sip coffee while looking at the animals from your balcony. You won’t have to worry about rude neighbors in your hotel or drunken young people waking you up in the middle of the night. Instead, you’ll be able to listen to the sounds of wildlife as you savor what is a truly unique environment to relax in.


As you might expect, local communities of people are living among the wildlife you’re there to see. Some of the staff you bond with might be from some of the neighboring communities, too. Your visit alone is therefore helping to support the local people, perhaps by funding staff wages that are then put back into the community. If you research online, you will find numerous ethical and sustainable safari tours that simultaneously help with conservation efforts and the communities in the local environs. Yes, some safari trips are exploitative, although that is being stamped out as vacationers become more aware of malpractice.

As mentioned at the beginning, travel is one of the perks of growing up as a TCK, and chances are that you yourself had the privilege of going on a safari tour due to your parent’s job in the region.

If this article sparks some good memories of that experience, why not share it with a friend who might be thinking about doing some exotic travel?

Safari, funny and friends walking in nature during a holiday together in summer. Comic, happy and y
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