LONDON CALLING: Celebrity King David McIntosh


King David McIntosh is a British model, actor, television personality and fitness expert. One look at this tall dark and handsome quadruple threat, and you will see exactly why he is becoming a rising star around the globe.

He was born to an English mother and a Jamaican father, and grew up in Greater Manchester in Northwest England. At the young age of 16, McIntosh became a Royal Marines Commando. This is known as the longest and hardest military training program in the world. Accomplishing this goal was a childhood dream of his. McIntosh served in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Gulf, Northern Ireland, Somalia, and many other conflict zones. Even after his time as a Royal Marine, McIntosh continued working as a security operative in various places around the globe in order to fight terrorism and Piracy in Africa.

After he left the marines, the next chapter of his life lead him to a role in the UK version of the TV show,  “Gladiators.”  This role made him rise to the top, and the audience loved him for more than his acting ability; they fell in love with his muscles, charming physique and “bad boy” image.

After launching his career on the screen, he appeared in music videos for actor and singer  Jennifer Hudson, and also accompanied her on stage at the BET Awards earlier this year. Just recently, he made an appearance in the provocative, globally viral music video with Nicki Minaj for her scandalous song “Anaconda.”

As if there weren’t enough achievements under his belt, McIntosh started his own fitness company, “Next Generation Fitness.” Along with this job, he travels to schools and youth centers in the UK to teach children the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. His skills in Martial Arts, as well as combat warfare, have helped in his career not only as a fitness trainer, but also as an actor who is more than capable of taking on physically demanding roles.

You probably haven’t stopped staring at his picture, and you aren’t the only one. The media has taken a prime interest in this sexy rising celebrity. It is no surprise that he was featured in ESSENCE magazine’s “10 sexiest men ever” issue. His magazine-worthy photo was featured alongside other beautiful men like LL Cool J and Denzel Washington.  McIntosh teamed up with celebrity photographer Maya Guez in 2013 to create a “King David McIntosh” calendar that ended up being extremely successful, and became a best-seller in the USA. It’s only fair that the UK shares this wonderful man with the US.http://www.pinterest.com/explore/david-mcintosh/

Prior to launching his own line of training programs, he has been featured in fitness magazines such as “KRAVE it,” and “Muscle and Fitness.” McIntosh is not slowing down just yet, he has his own line of nutritional supplements in the works called “Devil Dawg Nutrition,” as well as a clothing line called “Devil Dawg Gymwear.” Keep your eye out for the king, as he also plans to continue with his international acting career.

Click HERE to check out his official website where you can find his blog, bio, portfolio, store and much more.




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  1. Okay, wow, what a man. This is exactly why I want to move to England. This article was awesome, really great feature story on King David McIntosh, a real life TCK making it in the world! Thanks for sharing, good job reaching for high profile leads! 

  2. Great feature story on King David McIntosh! I only knew him from the music videos so it was cool to see more about him!

  3. This is one of the most interesting profile stories I’ve read so far! King David McIntosh has already done so much and is also one of the reasons I want to study abroad in England 🙂 Very enjoyable article!

  4. This is one of the most interesting profile stories I’ve read so far! King David McIntosh has already done so much and is also one of the reasons I want to study abroad in England 🙂 Very enjoyable article!

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