Negra Como Soy: Singing Your Soul’s Song With Dr. Jamal Fruster (AUDIO)

Negra Como Soy: Singing Your Soul's Song With Dr. Jamal Fruster AUDIO PODCAST

In this episode we chat with Dr. Jamal Fruster, life coach, speaker and health care professional who refers to himself as “The Hype Man for Humanity.”

Dr. Fruster talks about serving the Latinx community in Tucson, Ariz. and how one’s energy literally animates one’s own body.

“In the realm of being a biracial human being, a hybrid human, someone who’s culturally diverse or a cultural chameleon, we can identify the tones of the rooms and environments that we’re in and we’re able to match that,” he says. “It’s like we’re able to dissolve into love, which I think is the glue of the universe. Being able to seep into that and say, ‘Oh I’ve been here before, I understand how other people work in the world. Let me match that tone, let me dissolve into that and that way you’re just becoming a reflection of your environment because we’ve done the work for so much to understand who we be.'”

It’s like we’re able to dissolve into love, which I think is the glue of the universe.

Listen to the podcast about singing your soul’s song by clicking below!

Jamal Fruster

ABOUT Negra Como Soy, a segment of the “Destinations with Doni” Podcast

There’s the story of who we are as individuals, what we know and walk with, and the story other people create in their minds about who you are. We’re here to set the story straight… Negra, como soy: I’m Afro-Latina is a show that explores the intricacies and flavors of the AfroLatin experience throughout the Spanish colonized world.

We understand that the direct translation is “black like me,” in the feminine. Again, often life is about interpretation, and we’re here to help expand those interpretations, in this corner of life at least Join Doni Aldine and Rhonda Coleman as they celebrate foods, dance, clothing, language, and customs of their own cultures and others from the diaspora.

Doni Aldine, MBA, is a globally mobile Afro-Latina and first-generation American (U.S., Trinidadian and Costa Rican Adult Third Culture Kid) who, by age 19, lived in & identified with seven cultures on five continents. As Editor-in-Chief for Culturs Global Multicultural Magazine, Aldine is passionate about creating community for cross-cultural populations. She has extensive global experience in communications, media and marketing for organizations both large and emerging. She has presented around the globe as a keynote, at conferences, at major universities & in major media outlets as an expert focused on communications, entrepreneurship, marketing, branding & cross-cultural identity. Aldine also developed university curricula for global culture identity and is on faculty in Journalism and Media Communication at Colorado State University.

Dr. Rhonda Coleman, DAOM is a cross-cultural Third Cultural Adult. She grew up in New Orleans, LA bu t and identifies as Afro-Honduran. Dr. Rhonda is a doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Registered Trainer of the NADA Acudetox Protocol, columnist for CULTURS Global Multicultural Magazine, public speaker, and active organizer promoting health equity. She currently teaches Nutritional Health and Acudetox at Arizona School of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine; and runs a private practice, Blacupuncturist, in Tucson, AZ.

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