Jacob Tobia Shares the Genderqueer Perspective

Being genderqueer can be confusing for individuals who have a hard time differentiating the identify from trans, non-binary or gender non-conforming. It can also be confusing for people who just want to know how to be best supportive. It can even be a confusing experience for genderqueer people themselves. Jacob Tobia attempts to shed some light on this identity and clear up the many confusions in their new video 5 Things You Should Know About Being Genderqueer.

Everyday Feminism, an online magazine that features Tobia’s video, focuses on presenting a wide variety of subjects and speaker to help their readers go deeper into feminist philosophies and applying feminism to their everyday life. Because Tobia does not conform to the binary way of thinking, they prefer to be addressed with gender neutral pronouns such as they, them, their.

Tobia begins the video by outlining the first step in identifying as genderqueer as a lifestyle through seeing gender differently. Tobia goes on to speak about his personal experience growing up in a binary society, where there are only boys and only girls. They went on to say how untrue this mindset is because there are people who fall in different places along the gender spectrum.

Tobia also speaks about finding your own identity and sharing your own personal journey. It is important to tell people how you identify and share your experience in relation to your gender. They speak about how community support and outreach benefits not only genderqueer people but also individuals who may not have any understanding of what this identity entails. Tobia encourages people to help their friends genderbend, or push the clothing boundaries set up by our binary society if they are questioning their gender. Tobia’s message of “just making them feel supported” should be said for all identities.

They speak about how scary this identity can be in social settings where some people may not be as accepting and receptive. Tobia follows this caution by also speaking about how empowering it is to jue be yourself and express in ways that make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Something I believe all genders should focus on.

Affirmations can go a long way in the LGBTQ+ community. But regardless of how you identify, whether that be any mixture of dominant and subordinated identity, we should all focus on lifting each other up and working towards equality for all identities. This video ends with a note of action. Tobia’s says “It’s about finding a community and loving yourself.” It is so incredibly important that people embrace their uniqueness and never shy away from telling their stories. Tobia’s video is a great start of urging people to share their testimonies and continue dialoguing about our ever changing world.

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