Expert Ilaria Vilkelis on Thriving Beyond Cultures

Ilaria discusses her project, Thriving Beyond Cultures, during an interview at the FIGT Conference 2016.

Ilaria Vilkelis is a Culturs Expert and the founder of Thriving Beyond Cultures, a resource to help ex-pats, B.R.A.T.s, and TCKs take time to process the dramatic changes they are experiencing. Ilaria believes that how we cope with change affects our ability to adapt to new countries and lifestyles. Adaptability, particularly the ability to find new ways to meet emotional needs, could be the key to surviving your next international move.

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  1. The subject of change in this article i think is interesting for all walks of life. Change is a constant thing that happens throughout life and it is important to understand what it does and how one copes with it can truly make a difference. I really related with this article, nice work!

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