Tandem Nomads: Podcasting to Connect and Inspire Ex-Pat Partners

Culturs interviewed Amel Derragui about her podcast, Tandem Nomads, during the 2016 FIGT Conference in Amsterdam.

Amel Derragui thought her past nomadic experiences would equip her with all the skills she needed when she chose to follow her partner to a new country. However, she did not expect how her independence would be compromised, and found herself asking who she was outside of being a spouse.

She wanted to reach out to other ex-pat partners who were facing similar struggles, but wasn’t sure how to do it. A blog could work, but would a written-form medium convey the right amount of emotion? And a video channel — much too involved. But Derragui finally had her “aha” moment, while listening to her friend’s podcast on a train.

You can listen to the podcasts on Derragui’s website.


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