AUDIO: Lost in Transition – Lagos

Eva Lazlo-Herbert
Founder Logos- The Power Of Words
Conference Interpreter & Translator
Cross-Cultural Communications Expert
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Eva Lazlo-Herbert  is the founder of  Logos – The Power of Words and an Expat Media Expert. She was born in Transylvania (Romania), feeling deeply Central European and thankful for my Eastern European sense of humour… taking delight in writing since the age of 4. She holds degrees in German and English literature, is a passionate story teller and has an insatiable interest in words, people and ideas that make the world a better place. In addition to being a branding expert, Eva is the founder of Logos – The Power of Words and has been providing conference interpretation and translation services, press, PR and copywriting since 1998. Eva is a fervent servant leader, dedicated to further strengthening cross-cultural communications in her city of many tongues and trades. She regularly publishes columns and articles on cultural issues in the expat media of The Hague.
 During the call, Eva shared:
  • Reflections from her unique, powerful and compelling story of transition, grief, joy, loss and multigenerational strength and resilience
  • How her company, Logos – The Power of Words has assisted her desire to open windows to the world and further strengthen cross-cultural communications in her chosen city of many tongues
  • Plans for  her upcoming book collaboration – The Worlds Within – An Anthology of TCK Art and Writing: Young, Global and Between Cultures
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