Yoga Retreats and the Power of Healing

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“You get to travel to so many places.”

“You have that ‘good hair’.”

“At least you got to leave that failing country.”

These are statements Third Culture Kids, those of multiracial descent, and refugees may hear on a regular basis. But the people who make such one-sided comments fail to consider the rest of an individual’s story: Travel may mean not knowing where home is, the term “good hair” can actually be offensive, and that “failing country”? It was home to the now refugees at one point — a home they miss and yearn to see again.


Tapping Into Trauma

The result of living a life that straddles borders, cultures and identities can be unresolved grief and emotion that’s trapped within the body. Through a series of poses, yoga can help release such emotion and free a person of past trauma physically and spiritually. A routine yoga practice can also strengthen the mind-body-spirit connection, and studies show that yoga has physical, mental and emotional health benefits.

Trauma survivors, as well as anyone else who’s experienced an overwhelming amount of stress or grief, can oftentimes, unknowingly, dissociate themselves from their bodies. In turn, they have negative feelings and emotions stored in different areas, such as their jaws, neck, shoulders, heart, lungs, stomach, pelvis, hips and connective tissues — these feelings can often materialize as physical aches and pains.

Yoga may help relieve such pains by shifting the flow of energy in and around the body, sometimes demanding practitioners revisit suppressed negative feelings and emotions. This dynamic flow of energy allows the body to release that pent-up past trauma and stress.

Hips, in particular, can hold endless emotion caused by trauma and chronic stress and are connected to the body’s sacral chakra. The center of emotion, this second chakra is responsible for change, movement and fluid flow throughout the body. It follows that a specific asana sequence is designed to help practitioners reconnect with their bodies and promote healing. Once emotional energy is released from the hips, it comes to the proverbial surface and healing begins.

See For Yourself

Culturs’ Yoga for Healing Retreats were created to connect people from different walks of life who are experiencing or have experienced trauma, whether it’s from death, divorce, loss, or physical or mental illness.

You’re invited to join us for the next retreat. This life changing experience happens in Marrakech, Morocco, Oct. 14-19, 2019.

Experience the healing power of yoga in the magical setting of the Jnane Tamsna boutique hotel and organic gardens. Disconnect from society’s clutch, learn self-acceptance and unleash deep love. Reconnect with your true nature and free yourself from the trauma that limits your potential.T


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