Pain and Perseverance

Dibangona... I am brave. I am fearless. I am amazing. I am the daughter of God.

This fine art photo illustrates duality of life for women faced with pain and violence.

Written by Swarnali Sikder |Photography by Balzinder Balz 


It’s tough to look at, but that’s the point — to depict the pain many women bear all over the world. A pain often masked by the carrying on of their everyday duties and life.

These women are successful leaders; strong, brave and fearless. They can bring joy to a child, run a household and a boardroom. They’re born with power and equality, even though some of the circumstances these women live under fail to recognize that. Some women find their way out of violent situations. Many do not.

This photo reveals the pain born of domestic violence but also highlights how women stand strong despite such assaults. The woman’s face is injured, a black-and-blue bruise covers her right eye, the left side of her mouth is scratched, and a single tear is streaming down her cheek. But, from the neck down, she shows a commitment to living her life and seeing her responsibilities through — despite her subjugation.

The message? Many societies worship women as goddesses but at the same time sanction violence against women.

Domestic violence is a crime under written laws, as well as an affront to humanity. This world needs more love and mutual respect. Humanity will never thrive under the yoke of socially sanctioned violence against women.


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