The VKind Experience Is Celebrating The Multicultural Aspects Of Being Vegan

Vegan Photo via Envato Elements

The Vkind Experience, taking place at the Magic Box in Los Angeles, Calif., U.S.A. from Nov. 11-12, will span 11 rooms with sights, sounds and plant-based food inspired by all seven continents and beyond regarding the vegan experience.

The 2023 Vkind Experience is an all-encompassing plant-based event that immerses participants in a multisensory world, offering a tour through 11 uniquely themed rooms covering 35,000 square feet at Magic Box in Los Angeles. A percentage of ticket sales will go to various causes including LA’s Saffyre Sanctuary, educational resource UnchainedTV, reforestation project One Tree Planted, and Vegans of Los Angeles.

Vegan Photo via Envato Elements
Photo via Envato Elements

“We are so thrilled that this incredible event can be a force for good,” says Jia Dadabhoy, Vkind’s partner and event producer. “The multicultural, multisensory Vkind Experience is a delicious snapshot of what the world would be like if plants took over, and these organizations are making that happen every day. We are so honored to support their work through this event.”

“We are extremely inspired by the work and message that VKind is bringing into the world, and as an aligned partner, we anticipate amazing growth of the seeds being planted at this event,” says Esta Bernstein, president and CEO of Saffyre Sanctuary, a vegan equine charity that specializes in rescuing horses. “This contribution will allow us to purchase the necessary items and services needed for our sanctuary horses that they require on a regular basis, such as feed, supplements, vet, and farrier care.”

Proceeds will also support Vegans of LA, the first vegan food bank in Los Angeles, for its upcoming holiday meal program.

We are extremely inspired by the work and message that VKind is bringing into the world.

Vegan Photo via Envato Elements
Vegan Photo via Envato Elements

“I am super excited about this event because it feels like such a huge mystery and something that has never been done before,” says Vegans of LA founder Gwenna Hunter. “Vegans of LA is honored to be recognized for the work we’re doing and these funds will support our holiday meal program.”


UnchainedTV, the world’s only plant-based streaming TV network, will receive a percentage of proceeds to support its programming.

“UnchainedTV is thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking and unique celebration of vegan cuisine,” says founder Jane Velez-Mitchell. “To be able to go around the world and sample the most delicious dishes & desserts from every region in just a few hours and top it off with a fabulous Hollywood party, what could be better?”

Further supporting its vision for plants taking over the world, Vkind will make a donation to the nonprofit One Tree Planted as part of the event’s proceeds.

Vegan Photo via Envato Elements
Vegan Photo via Envato Elements

“All donations will help with our Amazon Rainforest project to help protect forests and restore degraded land,” a representative for the organization says. “Our partners will work with local farmers to establish sustainable agroforestry using shade-grown cocoa, native tree species, and productive timber species.”

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