Black, Gay and Christian

Although much of his speech consisted of deep concepts such as gay rights, LZ Granderson left room for interacting with the audience, often involving humor.
The Color Purple 2023

LZ Granderson is known for his outspoken, and sometimes controversial, columns for CNN and ESPN. He knows all about what it’s like to be judged solely based on his outer appearance. When people look at him, all they see is a black man. Little do they know, he actually has much more to bring to the table than what meets the eye. On Feb. 20, he visited Colorado State University to speak about his unique life experiences to an audience of college students.

As one of the only gay, African American sports editors in the country, Granderson wanted to travel around the country to speak about his experiences to college students. He says that he knows he has been through a lot in his life, and he wants to share his advice with the world, whether the audience chooses to follow it or take their own paths. At a first glance, nobody knows where this man came from or the experiences that he went through. By speaking out about what he believes, he has become a voice for people from many different cultures and other diverse communities.
The hidden diversity behind Granderson reveals all of the different communities that he identifies with. He is not only a black male, but he is also openly gay and a Christian as well. Right away, people are surprised to hear about a gay LZ Granderson speaks about his life experiences as a black, man associated with sports. He writes for the opinion gay, and Christian journalist to an audience at CSU. Photo section of CNN and receives a lot of feedback from the by Stefan Rodriguez community, both positive and negative. “As I get older,” Granderson says, “I find myself caring less about the opinions of people I don’t know. I’m not handcuffed anymore by the judgmental views of others. I’m much more focused on my family, my career and trying to make sure the young people have a better path.”
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