Ten Fashion Bloggers Serving International Inspiration

1. Camille Co, ‘Camille Tries to Blog‘, Philippines

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Camille doesn’t just try to blog, she succeeds at it! Vibrant photos and impeccable taste makes her the perfect person to turn to for fashion inspiration. She even has her own clothing label, titled Coexist, that caters to the young and fashion-savvy woman. With so many skills under her belt, it’s no wonder Camilla is one of Asia’s top fashion bloggers.

2. Nancie Mwai of ‘The Fashion Notebook’, Africa

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Nancie is the creative director behind her blog, which focuses on the shopping culture in Kenya as well as international brands Nancie is passionate about. Visit her site for daring fashion and beauty tips and to discover her recent travels.

3. Brian Sacawa of ‘He Spoke Style’, New York, USA

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As a saxophone player, Brian sees many similarities between style and music, which he incorporates into the creative vision of his blog. He created his personal style blog as an extension of his creative side and desire to inspire as many people as possible.

4. Louise O’Rielly of ‘Style Me Curvy’, Ireland

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Louise is an international model who shares her passion for fashion diversity and body image through her blog. As stated on her website, Louise “aims to promote fashion, beauty and style for every kind of curve and body type whether a girl is a size 6 or a size 26”. Visit the ‘What Body Type are You?’ page on her website to find the best clothes that accentuate your body shape.

5. Evangelie Smyrniotaki of ‘Style Heroine, Greece

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Although fashion week may be over, Style Heroine has all your high-fashion, chic looks for fall. Evangelie describes her style as relaxed, minimal, and androgynous. Her blog sparks inspiration for anyone hoping to achieve runway style on the streets.

6.Tarandip Kaur of ‘FashStash’, Singapore

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This Singapore fashion and beauty blogger thinks styles and trends are meant to be broken in order to make way for art. She believes anyone with creativity can be fashionable, regardless of monetary funds. Just one look at her playful outfits will make you want to add a pop of prints and colors to your wardrobe. On her blog, you’ll find fashion and beauty advice paired with photos of Tarandip’s inspiring outfits.

7. Elias El-Indari of ‘SMF: a Gentleman’s Inspiration’, Dubai

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Elias cleverly categorizes his style into three aspects of his life: work, play, and rest. His mission is to influence gentlemen (and women) who are continuously seeking inspiration, charisma and advice, across areas such as style, travel, social, and lifestyle. His many travels and intriguing photos offer an elaborate worldview.

8. Sabrina Meijer of ‘AfterDRK‘, Netherlands 

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Sabrina’s style consists of simplicity with an edge. Although she doesn’t consider herself a designer, Sabrina used her keen eye for fashion to create her collection for Nelly.com. Along with finding beauty and fashion inspiration, you can shop Sabrina’s collection straight on her blog.

9. Maria Von Losch of ‘Savvynista‘, Los Angelas, USA

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Maria shocked the fashion blogosphere when she announced her ’Shop My Closet Challenge’ and dedicated not to buy one piece of clothing for 365 days. The challenge allowed Maria to show her audience how to use the same set of clothes to style a plethora of outfits. Now that the challenge is over, she focuses on writing ‘Style Stories’ behind her outfits, and shares her best inspiration and advice.

10. Angie of Reasons to Dress’, Italy

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This Canadian mom living in Italy understands the importance of budgeting that comes with parenthood. But that doesn’t stop Angie from having fierce style. On her blog, Angie caters to the mom on a budget who hopes to achieve fashionable style. She’s a fantastic source to find look-a-like pieces of your favorite designer brands!

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  1. I love this compilation of international fashion blogs. As a blogger and fashion lover myself, it’s really cool to see what other people are interested in writing about, taking photos of and sharing, especially in other countries. Great article and I liked how you didn’t limit it to just women fashionistas 😀 Can’t wait to check out more on their blogs.

  2. I really liked how you highlighted fashion bloggers from all around the world! As someone who enjoys knowing what fashion trends are popular this will be a cool way of being able to find out. I also really like how you incorporated male fashion bloggers. I don’t know of many male fashion bloggers in the US so it’s interesting to know what sort of information they write about and are interested in. This will be super useful as I start looking for new summer clothes. I can’t wait to see what kind of inspiration I’ll find!

  3. Reading this article reminded me of how sometimes fashion will appropriate items from other cultures into the fashion brand and make it ‘disposable’. I think it’s important to keep this in mind if you’re a fashion designer! I liked the profiles you did on each person and the pictures of each really enhance the article.

  4. One of my best friends is a fashion blogger who is currently working on building up her brand and gaining some recognition online, so this article gave me a lot of hope that she can do it! I will definitely pass this article along to her  so she can draw some inspiration from it, and maybe even link up with some of the bloggers you mention and they can help each other out! Thanks for writing this piece, I know how helpful it is to share their stuff, it really helps them out! 

  5. Really great layout on this piece! I love following fashion bloggers on sites like Instagram because it gives me great inspiration for my own wardrobe!

  6. Okay, i love this article!! I love following fashion blogs and now i will add these to my que!! Great job!

  7. This is a great article. I really enjoy how you included pictures of the fashion bloggers with each of their descriptions. I might have to check their blogs out after reading this piece!

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