Negra Como Soy: Singing Your Soul’s Song With Dr. Jamal Fruster (VIDEO)

Negra Como Soy: Singing Your Soul's Song With Dr. Jamal Fruster on XOTV

In this episode we chat with Dr. Jamal Fruster, life coach, speaker and health care professional who refers to himself as “The Hype Man for Humanity.”

Dr. Fruster talks about serving the Latinx community in Tucson, Ariz. and how one’s energy literally animates one’s own body.

“In the realm of being a biracial human being, a hybrid human, someone who’s culturally diverse or a cultural chameleon, we can identify the tones of the rooms and environments that we’re in and we’re able to match that,” he says.

Click below to watch the interview on XOTV.me!

Dr. Jamal Fruster on Negra Como Soy
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