VIDEO: Hollywood Stars on Diversity #OscarsSoWhite

Screenshot 2016-02-28 18.17.02The #OscarsSoWhite message is loud and clear: Yet again, celebrities ask – “Why isn’t the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences inclusive of all its members?”

In preparation for this year’s Academy Awards ceremony on Feb. 28, CultursTV Correspondent Doni (Don-knee) asked celebrities why diversity in the media is vital to the entertainment industry. Filmed on the red carpet during KiKi Shepard’s 9th annual Celebrity Bowling Challenge in Los Angeles, Calif., which raised funds for Sickle Cell research.

The stars had a lot to share.

“I think it’s beyond important to have diversity in film,” began Alisa Reyes of “The Circle,” “All That,” and “Sinbad.” Later sharing that when people watch things that aren’t realistic, it reminds us that we can be closed-minded. “Criminal Minds” and “Mistresses,” star Rochelle Aytes pointed out that entertainment is for all cultures and that its important for all cultures to see themselves on television.Screenshot 2016-02-28 18.18.45

The positive messages continued with Glynn Turman of “House of Lies,” Rocky Carroll of “NCIS,” Dandre Whitfield of “Mistresses,” Melissa Bell Calloway from Eddie Murphy the movie “Coming to America,” and James Pickens Jr. of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Each spoke to Culturs.guru, providing their insights on the importance of multiculturalism and diversity on television.

“It’s a melting pot and entertainment should reflect that,” said Calloway, who also is a K.I.S. Foundation board member. “There’s more than five black people in the world – there should be more than five black people on TV,” she continued.

“We can’t have a singular culture that we think will represent the whole of society,” opined “Greys Anatomy” star Pickens Jr. Echoing sentiments similar to “NCIS,” Carroll, who noted, “We’re a global, multicultural society.”

Stars pointed out that no one group has a “final say” on any type of artistic expression, reminded us that entertainment should be a melting pot, and pointed out that heavy-hitters like Writer and Producer Shonda Rhimes (who is best known for ABC’s hit shows “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal,” and “How to Get Away With Murder”) have successfully been able to mirror the diversity of our society in their depictions of art.

With all the diversity and inclusion “hubbub,” and with African-American Comedian Chris Rock hosting the upcoming Oscar Ceremonies, there are bound to be interesting discussions around the water cooler the “morning after.”

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