Mormon Missionaries

Mormon missionaries (Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash)

The notion of religion has existed since the beginning of time. Several people around the world identify with a religion. For some, religion gives them hope and a sense of belonging.

Growing up, my family was Mormon. My dad and mom were both raised Mormon and therefore so were my siblings and I. One important factor in my life growing up was having Mormon missionaries visit my home.

Mormon dress style

If you don’t know anything about Mormon missionaries, chances are you’ve at least seen them around. The men wear dress pants with a white button down shirt and a nametag. The women wear modest skirts or dresses with a modest shirt and a nametag. Their presence affects several lives.

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash

In particular, when I was growing up, the missionaries would visit my home to have dinner with me and my family. We would talk, laugh and bond over our experiences in church. The missionaries that visited my life came from all parts of the country, and some even came from different countries. However, regardless of our geographical differences, we were still able to bond over our religious similarity.

After we shared a meal, the missionaries would make sure to leave a spiritual message with us. This was always important for me.

I always found it interesting that the Bible is translated in so many different languages. People identify with being Mormon all over the world. Yet, they can read and resonate with the word of God due to translations and the sense of home in a religious community.

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