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Having a pet can be amazing.

Pets are often a great source of love and consistency for the lives of in-betweeners including Third Culture Kids (TCKs), Domestic Third Culture Kids (DTCKs) and others who constantly are geographically mobile.

Cat and a Corgi
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Consider the value pets can add to the life of your family or child who would benefit from the love and stability. It’s a serious consideration that deserves a lot of thought before taking action.

Petfinders.com has a great checklist on what to consider when adopting:

Black and white tabby pet cat
Gorgeous Black And White Cat Sitting Outdoor.

• What expectations do you have for pet ownership? Do you expect a constant companion, travel buddy, running mate?
• Do you have a plan for your new pets around travel?
• For young animals, do you have the time and patience for house-breaking, chewing and high energy?
• Do you have other pets? How will they react to a new pet?
• What do you expect your pets to contribute to your life?
• Is your living space well-suited for a pet?
• What type and size pet would suit the other people who live in or visit your home regularly?
• How will your social life or work obligations affect your ability to care for a pet?
• Have you created a realistic budget including costs like routine care, health issues, accidents
or illness?

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