Climate Change’s Impact On Cultures Around The World — Part 3

Climate change protest

To counter climate change, one of the steps to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals incorporates “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.”

These three aspects are umbrella terms used to describe what is needed for people to come together and solve the issues the world is having.

One of the biggest problems the world faces today is climate change. With the speed of climate change rapidly increasing to a point where the future of the world is in danger, this problem has become larger than what just one country or several individual countries can handle.

Global cooperation to combat climate change

Working together as a team is important for the survival of the world. Humans changed the world before as a whole, and we can change it again for the better of the people, animals and other life that exists on our planet.

Climate change
(Photo by Agustín Lautaro on Unsplash)

Climate change is something that doesn’t have borders — it doesn’t see cultural, racial, or political difference. It’s something that affects the entire world and the only way to combat it is to do so as one global unit.

If humans can create a world where there is peace, justice and strong institutions, they can work together to combat this issue that is plaguing humanity.

Individual perspectives on climate change

Every person, regardless of cultural difference, cares about the world and relies on the planet’s survival.

Israeli Barak Manor says: “I believe it is very important to combat climate change and go green because we all live on this planet and need it to survive.” 

Drew Tuemer, an Environmental Studies major from the United States, says: “Climate change is very real and something needs to be done to fix it. If we don’t change the way we live and do it together, the world will no longer exist as we know it today. Humans are capable of doing amazing things when we work together and now this amazing thing we can do is save our planet.”

These quotes are a testament to how this issue is important to different people all over the world and brings to light the issue of climate change.

If we don’t change the way we live and do it together, the world will no longer exist as we know it today.

During one particular United Nations Climate Change Conference in recent years, 170 of 197 parties ratified the Paris Agreement. This shows that the issue of climate change is important to a large majority of the people around the world regardless of national creed.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

With peace and justice between nations, people will be able to combat climate change together and confront, head on, one of the biggest issues humanity faces.

Humanity should grasp the reins of what will guide the Earth’s future sustainability, and for all unique creatures that partake in life alongside us. It’s our responsibility to claim fault for our past and present actions that have altered the natural growth and prosperity of life.

We’re all made of water

Climate change tap water
Tap water (Photo by Marine Sintes on Unsplash)

Humans are comprised of many things: emotions, bones, senses and flesh. However, 60 percent of our composition within our bodies is water. Around the world, we’re dumping and polluting the water we intake into our bodies.

Luckier countries have means of correcting this dilemma through mass filtration. The other end of the spectrum isn’t so lucky. On a whim, many of us have access to running water whenever we feel it fit.

Third-world countries have limited access to efficient water that meets the quota to survive. Some may have access to water, but the water they drink is filled with bacteria and other filthy contents. Drinking it extends the possibility of illness, or even in the worst case scenario, death.

For our brothers and sisters across the seas, we have to reach our hands down and offer aid to these countries in their fight for clean water. Again, find an understanding and join the battle by making a difference with the United Nations here, in your own hometown.

We’re liable for the outcome of our planet. Whether we destroy it, or choose to sustain it, that choice lay solely in our hands. Together, we can still make a difference. It’s not too late. Get educated about climate change and begin your stand.

— By ewageck

Raised in California and Colorado, U.S.A., Wageck believes each state has its own culture. In traveling the world, she is able to learn what she can share with society and other people. After traveling and truly experiencing the world, she plans one day to return “home.”

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  1. I found this article to be very powerful. The issue of climate change needs to be a global effort, and I like how that was touched on in this article. The part where it said climate change has no borders was incredibly insightful, as it truly does impact every person on the planet in one way or another. Climate change is a big interest to me and I like how the focus on this article was clearly stating that it needs to be faced as a global issue. And for those struggling the most in places such as third-world countries, if the global population comes together to combat this issue, it will benefit the larger collective, as well as those already struggling with the effects of climate change.

  2. I thought this was a really strong article. I like how much emotion the author uses rather than just filling the article with facts. Climate change is a very emotional topic because they are right, life will not be the same if we continue to let the climate get as bad as it is. We as humans can do amazing things despite differences in opinions and ideals.

  3. I have always viewed climate change as an issue that is discussed and depicted as scientifiical debate. However this article has convinced and showed me that perhaps it is much bigger than that. This is an issue that occurs across the entire planet and just about everyone in all kinds of cultures acknowledges it and is trying to take a stand. In other words, I now understand that climate change is something so impactful that it allows different cultures to come together in order to help resolve something that effects not one nation or culture, but everyone around the world.

  4. I don’t think the world as we know it will ever exist again. Time is always moving on. We are living in post 9/11. The world will never be the same as before. We are currently transitioning to a post covid, but the world will never be the same. Climate change may calm down, and even go back to what it once was if we work hard enough together, but we will never live in the era as we know it today ever again.

  5. Climate change impacts everyone and is up for no debate any longer, it requires action. I love how it is emphasized that we all must come together in order to find solutions, especially given it is a world we not only all survive in, but also because humans are the sole “attackers” against the earths health. It is especially important to note that it requires understanding and education so we can all work together with efficient solutions. I love how the article focuses on the world rather than just the U.S: We all have water in our bodies and need it to survive. If anything, climate change can be further prevented by people of different backgrounds and cultures coming together to share differing ideas. I really liked seeing the passion behind the writer come through in this writing and I want to incorporate the same passion. In touching on these types of subjects, I will try to incorporate more of a “antagonist” understanding, meaning go deeper into the damage and failed attempts to conserve the issue at hand. Thank you!

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