Painting the Picture: Gender Inequality in the Global Art Market

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The Paycheck Fairness Act of 2014 failed to pass in the United States this month for the fourth time since 2012. The act that was intended to “strengthen federal equal pay laws for women” lost by 12 votes.

Yet, discrepancies in pay due to gender is not a subject limited to the U.S. — It affects people across the globe.

In light of this recent event, it seemed only necessary to illustrate the gender based inequalities in the art workforce worldwide as they apply to women. Females in the global art market are subject to fewer museum exhibitions, less pay, and fewer professional positions even though women make up 51 percent of visual artists today. Get the facts in the infographic below for more information.


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  1. The infographic was well-done! I enjoyed that you elaborated on an ongoing issue and pointed out that there are certain fields that are still vastly unfair to women in the workplace. I find it most interesting that there is very little art featured by female artists, but there is no shortage of exposed women featured in art.

    1. We’re so glad you enjoyed the infographic Courtney. We here at Culturs especially enjoyed the visual Grace created for such a complex topic. I’m sure she’ll be pleased at your reaction!

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