Rossiter: Alleviating Pain Naturally

Richard Rossiter in the Vietnam field.
Richard Rossiter (Photo courtesy RossierMasters.com)

The Rossiter System is a series of stretch-release techniques that target pain and movement restriction through the body’s connective tissue. Richard Rossiter, a former helicopter pilot and Vietnam veteran, founded the practice in 1990.

After getting shot down in combat, Rossiter struggled with intense pain from a shoulder injury. As a result, he created the Rossiter system to prevent and relieve pain.

For many, it is easiest to ignore the cause of an issue and simply treat the effect. Western medicine techniques are normalized and sometimes prioritized. Common practices such as yoga or chiropractic may be viewed as less effective due to the origins.

However, even simple stretches can renew the body. Before resorting to surgery or pharmaceuticals, try working with a non-surgical approach. This could include a series of stretch regimens.

Shelly Beyerle

Shelly Beyerle founded the studio Straightline Fitness. The practice opened in 2011, located in Fort Collins, Colo. Beyerle is an advanced-level Rossiter coach who helps clients reach their fitness goals.

Shelly Beyerle (Photo by Straightline Fitness)

Throughout her young adult years, Beyerle struggled with chronic pain as an effect of Lime Disease. She tried many types of massage or physical therapy, but finding Rossiter was a game changer.  

This natural form of stretches improves mobility, alleviates pain, and resets the body. There are over 200 hundred forms of these two-person techniques. 

How Does Rossiter Work?

Practitioners will step on clients.

We step on you – which sounds crazy, we know.

Straightline Fitness

The coach will use their feet to stabilize a specific area of connective tissue.

The patient will stretch that area, relaxing the fascia. 

It’s more elegant than it sounds.

Straightline Fitness

Communicating with the practitioner will lead to the best experience. To ensure you are removing tension, pay attention to where the body tissue needs stretching.

Rossiter focuses on connective tissues which act like tug-of-war ropes from left to right and front to back, rather than bone alignment.

Shelly Beyerle

The process of becoming familiar with Rossiter techniques is simple. With knowledge of the stretches, you can grab a partner and help one another. The Rossiter stretch release technique is used with all types of demographics.

Focus on the source of pain rather than the effect.

Shelly Beyerle

Rossiter is a natural way to approach body wellness. The technique helps alleviate pain through stretches. It is a great alternative to Western medicine practices. These are derived from forms of alternative healthcare. For instance, yoga.

A collective approach

Beyerle recommends health practices in addition to Rossiter. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes taking care of the body through daily stretches, body weight exercise training and chiropractic work. These support body strength and relaxation.

Yamana balls are used to roll out areas of the body with tension.
Yamuna Balls (Photo by Straightline Fitness)

Straightline Fitness also works with Yamuna Body Rolling. A rolling ball is used to target specific areas of the body which are difficult to reach. These could include the back, neck, legs, and more. Not only will it improve pain by restructuring connective tissue but it additionally builds strength. 

Incorporating natural options of healthcare, drawn from a variety of regions, can be an exceptional alternative to Western medicine.

Beyerle supports the body through these comfortable practices. Her work has created a powerful impact on those looking to heal and boost the body. The Rossiter stretch techniques help to provide pain relief, increase mobility, and prevent discomfort.


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