Military B.R.A.T. Kennedy Brown On The Surprise of Moving To Colorado (Part 3 of 3)

Colorado (Photo by Kait Herzog via Unsplash)

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we learned Military B.R.A.T. Kennedy Brown’s story of moving from New York to Georgia to Texas. In this final segment, Brown talks about her life in her newest U.S. state, Colorado.

Kennedy Brown
Kennedy Brown in Boulder, Colo. on the Chautauqua Hiking Trail (Photo courtesy Kennedy Brown)

Military B.R.A.T. Kennedy Brown says she “never thought I would end up in Colorado.”

To drive to New York from Colorado takes a full 30 hours, an extremely long road trip for most. She is now experiencing a completely different way of life out in Colorado. 


Only living in Texas for a year, life was about eating and sports. Being in Colorado, the lifestyle is very active. With the mountains and many outdoor activities, Brown has seen a whole new world. 

Her father had been designated to Fort Carson, just southwest of Colorado Springs. The majority of Colorado Springs’ population is White, making Brown a standout compared to where she was before. 

That didn’t stop her from making friends, though: “I have some great friends here, it feels like I have grown up with them for years.”

She spent her high school years in Colorado being somewhat well-known by her classmates. She excelled in her studies, being in basically college classes during her last years of high school. 


In high school, Brown explored all of what Colorado had to offer. She went to the mountains, from Seven Bridges Trail in Colorado Springs, to Horsetooth Mountain in Fort Collins. That has become her favorite activity. 

Kennedy Brown
Kennedy Brown in Breckenridge, Colo. on the Quandary Peak TrailHead (Photo courtesy Kennedy Brown)

Brown has enjoyed the food in Colorado. Sushi became her favorite food, and she ate it almost every day. Additionally, she has been skiing, a top activity in Colorado. 

Additionally, she has started to enjoy the life of Colorado and molded a little into what the locals do. The major league teams, the Denver Broncos of the National Football League and Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies are cherished. Even while going to those games, she still loves the New York Jets, but the Rockies have started to grab her heart. 


In 2017, she attended Community College of Denver, where she got her associate’s degree in radiologic technology. From there, she got a full-time job at Denver Health as an X-ray tech. 

As she continues to live in Colorado, Brown continues to pick up on new and different things. Now, meeting new people at her job, she is seeing the culture that people have in Colorado. 

“Everyone is extremely nice here. The biggest difference from New York is that everyone is extremely nice. People here love to be helpful and interactive,” she says. 


From New York to Georgia to Texas and then to Colorado, Kennedy Brown has learned a lot of new things.

What she has been through has shaped the way she is today. She’s had different tastes in food, different understandings of people and cultures as well as lifestyles.

Regardless of where she lived, Brown has never panicked because she wanted to experience change.

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