The Future of Food: 3D Printing


The future is now, people. We are in the midst of some crazy concept called 3D Printed Food. When you hear 3D printing what do you think? Technology trade shows with 3D printed forks? Or is it the 3D printed car that has been all over the news for the last couple of months?


These technology advanced people at 3D Systems, CocoJet, and ChefJet have now designed the first food-safe printer that can print out intricate designs that chefs have only dreamed of in chocolate or sugar.


3D Systems didn’t stop there. They plan on opening the first Digital Kitchen “3D printed food experience” in LA by the end of this year.


Some of the most popular ideas for 3D printed food have been wedding cake toppers, customized nutrition, sustainable foods, and cocktail garnishes


Sounds pretty awesome, right? The only issues they’ve run in to are that the food doesn’t hold shape as well as plastic does. Although there isn’t any 3D printed cheeseburger and French fries, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens in the future with how fast this has been progressing! Forbes states that 3D Food Printing was one of the Top 10 Emerging Food Trends that Entrepreneurs are betting on.


For more information on the revolutionary process of 3D printing food, go check out http://www.3dsystems.com.


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