A Deeper look into LZ Granderson

Although much of his speech consisted of deep concepts such as gay rights, LZ Granderson left room for interacting with the audience, often involving humor.
Captivating his audience at Colorado State University, LZ Granderson shares his thoughts, feelings, and life experiences.
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When I had a chance to ask LZ Granderson, a journalist and commentator for ESPN and CNN.com about his view of cultural mobility, I jumped at it.  But when asked how Global Mobility has changed him, Granderson does not have a simple response: He feels it was God who has shaped him and his faith that has made him the person he is.

“I feel that every person that comes into my life makes a print… it is like a clump of clay and every person puts a print some people will make a small print and some with make a big hole.” Granderson said.
He feels there is so much hidden diversity in himself and others that there are not separate categories for all, there is just who a person is.
Granderson has a very open mind and out look on life. Through his stories, it is clear that he has traveled often and it has made his son a national nomad, moving from state to state within the U.S. and learning new aspects of American culture along the way. Granderson may not realize how all of this will shape his son’s life too.
When Granderson spoke on cultural mobility, he spoke about Carmelo Anthony who is biracial (Puerto Rican and African-American) but his Puerto Rican father died when he was two years old. Anthony grew up with his African-American mother and  was dubbed has African-American early in his career and did not correct this assumption until just recently. It was interesting to see that, though not culturally mobile himself, Granderson easily was able to find examples of others in his field who fit this emerging mold.
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