Perfectly Poured Guinness

Adults of the legal age have enjoyed the iconic beer Guinness for years, but have they truly been drinking a proper Guinness all this time? The question comes from an experience in my youth…

I was out to dinner with my family when my father ordered a Guinness. Next thing I know, the server returns with the Guinness rather quickly. My dad looks at the server, and then his beer with a puzzled look. Next he proceeds to give the server a lecture on how to pour a Guinness.

Next he proceeds to give the server a lecture on how to pour a Guinness.

Telling him it takes time for a Guinness to settle and he should let it sit longer before bringing it. Ever since then, I have wondered how pouring a Guinness in America does not get the same appreciation it does over in other parts of the world.

The art of pouring the Guinness started in Dublin, Ireland, circa 1769. The Guinness Storehouse, which still exists today, is where it all happened. The fourth floor contains Guinness ambassadors at your service to teach the perfect pour.

It may be hard for some people to trek all the way to Dublin to learn, but don’t worry as Guinness has its own instructional video for customers across the globe. A step-by-step guide available online can be found to help those beer drinkers from home as well (click here to see it).

No matter where in the world, when drinking Guinness, always remember it takes time for the perfect drink to be poured.

Patience is a virtue but in the end it will all be worth it for that perfect Guinness.

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