Spotlight on Europe: Traveling EU

World traveling is a massive undertaking, so here are a few tips

and suggestions for exploring Europe.

Home to the Colosseum, the Louvre, various delicacies, amazing beaches, and deep history, there is a lot to see in Europe so here a few tips when traveling to this amazing continent.

You might want to start in a major city. Let’s start with diving deep into Madrid, Spain. You might fly into Madrid-Barajas Airport and then take on Europe from there. Check out what the real experts have to say about the place. Talk to friends who have visited, have lived there or you could explore Spotted by Locals and see what the locals suggest you to do, eat, see, experience.

Caixa Forum – the Vertical Garden

Caixa Forum – the Vertical Garden
Image by Nikko Hinderstein

Experience the statement art piece by the Caixa Foundation, “committed to human rights, peace, justice and people’s dignity.” The exhibition is located in central Madrid not far from Museo Nacional del Prado, Spain’s main art museum.

After exploring Madrid for a few days and experiencing the rest of Spain (check out Rough Guides to exploring Spain for must sees around the country), the next stop is France. Taking the train around Europe is an easy way to avoid high plane ticket prices. Using the Eurail, you can get a pass to travel to three different countries that border each other.

It’s a good idea to check out various travel blogs before you get going. Invisible Paris gives you a downloadable map and guide for walking tours around Paris. Nomadic Matt is another blog that gives you some ideas on how to explore France from an expert traveler’s point of view.

Nice, France

 The beach at Nice, France

As Nomadicmatt.com suggests, if you’re heading south for the famous French Rivera you might want to stay in Nice as it is centrally located among the many other beaches while containing a decent nightlife. You might recognize Rick Steves from his guidebooks as he is highly regarded for his travel throughout Europe, check out what he suggests you might also do in France.

From France, a train ride away is Italy. What would be better than enjoying the beauty of the Tuscany? Tuscanychic.com has done all the research for you to experience wine tours in Valdorcia as well as some other articles that will give you an in on Tuscany. To explore the hidden culture of Rome, this Photo Blog will allow you to see up close the many different styles of art you can explore once you’re there.

Hello Roman Gelato

 Delicious gelato at Come il Latte

Thankfully you don’t have to suffer finding the best gelato in Rome, revealedrome.com has done it for you. With best gelato in Rome, you can’t go wrong trying any of the delicious choices at Come il Latte, which pairs creamy-rich gelato with imaginative flavors. What better way to end the journey than with a full stomach?

Europe is full of amazing places that are just waiting for you to experience. There is a lot of planning that goes into a trip abroad so being prepared never hurts. Of course you could always be spontaneous…

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  1. Beautiful article. I am leaving in a few weeks to go on a big trip all around Europe and I absolutely can’t wait. No only was this article interesting and enlightening, but it also made me even more excited than I already ways. Thanks for the in depth look into this amazing continent.

  2. Europe is one of those places I would love to go, and will go soon in my life. This is just extra proof that I need to go to this beautiful continent.

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