Best Kept Secrets: Shopping around the Globe

This Mercado is bursting of Mexican art, perfect for souvenirs.
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The Lesser Known Places That are Best to Shop Worldwide

Florence, Italy
shopping in Florence, Italy


Here you can find everything from genuine Italian leather bags and gloves to soft, beautiful scarves to intricate Venetian masks. These can all be found in the giant outdoor marketplace and usually at any price point.

Seoul, South Korea
Shopping area in Seoul, South Korea


In Seoul, you can find anything from luxury brands to more traditional items. A lot of its shopping areas are underground. Korea is also known for well-made custom suits that do not break the bank.

Munich, Germany
Christmas Market in Munich, Germany


During the winter holidays, Munich has a huge Christmas Market that is an outside bazaar with vendors from all over the country. There is also usually a celebration the opening night of the market.

Bali, Indonesia
Wood carvings for sale in Bali, Indonesia


Indonesia is known for its work with wood. It is a great place to get wooden carvings, art, and jewelry. This is a great stop for people with traditional taste.

Nassau, Bahamas
The famous straw market in Nassau, Bahamas


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  1. This gave me snapshots into different shopping cultures around the world. Really interesting! 

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