Hidden Diversity: What is Cultural Mobility?

Artwork by Phil Fung

Being Culturally Mobile can be a positive aspect in a person’s life. It can increase confidence and open one’s mind to the world. Cultural mobility is a broad term with people who fall under categories like: Multi-ethnic, Military Brats, Global Nomads, Multi-cultural.

But how can we find it? Well that question can’t really be answered with out digging a little deeper: The famous “You can’t just a book by its cover” applies to people almost better than a book.

Hidden Diversity is the key work to being Culturally Mobile. An African-American student who studies journalism at Colorado State University has a broad out look on this diversity.

“Diversity to me means the representation of a variety of cultures, ethnicities, religions, abilities, and orientations. I think a lot of times people confine diversity to race or even just color when really it’s so much more than that. Diversity comes from the identities that exist beyond our outer appearances,” said Nigel Mills.

Just knowing that you can’t always know everything about a person is some of the best knowledge of all.

CULTURS helps you through the lives of many by finding the Hidden Diversity that exists in each of us….


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