Series I of III: The Vivid colors of Yellow, Blue and Red roams the South Florida streets

Colombians flooding the streets of Miami Photo by Joelle Ramos
Colombians flooding the streets of Miami Photo by Joelle Ramos
Colombians flooding the streets of Miami
Photo Credit Joelle Ramos

The Colombian culture in Miami, Florida has grown tremendously over the past two decades. Colombia is located in the northwest corner of South America and is about three times the size of Montana. The country has a highly diverse population of over 38 million habitants.

The first Colombians started migrating into the United States in the early 1900’s. South Florida has become home to more than 300,000 Colombians. Miami attracts a large population of incoming Colombians mainly because of its climate and growing economy. The mobility Colombian immigrants have in Miami is exceedingly convenient because of the Spanish language that revolves in South Florida.

Just like Cuban territory in Hialeah, Miami is known as “Little Havana”. The Colombian population in Miami mostly resides in Kendall also given the local name “Little Bogota”. The Colombian community continues to expand. Further, Colombian immigrants are continuing to begin their new chapter in life in Miami, Florida. The Colombian roots are always alive and the culture is only getting stronger amongst the Colombian community.

Colombians are making sure to bring along their culture and food with them to South Florida. Downtown Miami is constantly flooded with beautiful Red, Blue, and Yellow colors when Colombians are hosting their yearly festivals and events embracing their Colombian patriotism.

Colombian festival at SunLife Staduim Photo by Vince Pannozzo
Colombian festival at SunLife Staduim
Photo Credit Vince Pannozzo





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