Metail’s Virtual Fitting Room Enhances Online Shopping

Online shopping can be a tricky process. You find an outfit you want, but can’t imagine what it will look like on you or which size is right. And while a model demonstrating clothes is better than a mannequin, it is no comparison to the unique characteristics of your body shape and size.

This is where the MeModel comes in.

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United Kingdom-based company, Metail, is changing the world of online shopping by providing a virtual fitting room for consumers all around the world.

Tom Adeyoola, co-founder and CEO of Metail, set on a mission to improve the online shopping experience after witnessing his girlfriend’s countless frustrations. Adeyoola teamed up with Duncan Robertson back in 2008, and used advanced computer vision technology to create Metail, the “best body shape and garment fit company in the world”, as stated on its website.

In order to make the online shopping experience more similar to an in-store experience, Tom hoped to mimic the idea of a store associate taking your basic measurements to find your size onto an online platform. By asking for these measurements, Metail creates a 3D, virtual model of yourself – your ‘MeModel’ – so that you can try on clothes before you purchase them, all while in the comfort of your home.


The company paired up House of Holland during London Fashion Week last month, allowing consumers to try on their clothes as they debut on the catwalk. Not only could consumers see how the Spring 2015 collection look on their ‘MeModel’, they could even pre-order the clothes in their size.

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As stated on Metail’s website, the case study proved to be wildly successful, for both House of Holland and its fans. Henry Holland, Founder of House of Holland said, “The results from using Metail are impressive, plus the product is great fun. We all love playing with it and want to keep working together.”

Not only does Metail help the consumer find their ideal outfit, it also helps retailers lower return rates on items. Brick-and-mortar retail stores averaged a return rate of 8.6% in 2013, while online retail return rates reached one-third of sales, according to Marketing Land.

When consumers have a realistic idea of what the clothes look like on them, they can 1.) see if the item is flattering on them, and 2.) make a more concrete buying decision.


Adeyoola’s long-term vision is to become the “Google of sizing and shape”, according to Tech Crunch.

“We want everyone to have their own MeModel to use in any clothing related experience to improve and enhance it. If they do, then we will be custodian of the world’s size and shape dataset, like Facebook is of the world’s social graph, and become the Google of sizing and shape through being the access channel for users to quickly and easily find and get recommended clothes that they will like and which will look good on them.”


And now with an additional $12 million investment on top of its $8 million funding, Metail can continue to grow and improve shoppers’ online experiences all around the world.

The investment came from TAL Group, a garment manufacturer based in Hong Kong that is currently responsible for 1 in 12 dress shirts sold worldwide.

Thus far, Metail has only offered women’s clothes for consumers to virtually try on, and now with TAL on their side, Metail can tap into the menswear market.

TAL’s CTO Delman Lee said, “We are delighted by the opportunity to be part of the Metail story. Metail shares our values on data, R&D and sizing.  We look forward to seeing the positive impact they will have on our industry and we look forward to helping them with the eventual move into men’s clothing.”


In an official statement, Metail says it will focus this investment on a mobile offering, and to expand the firm’s overseas presence, building on its existing operations in Singapore and partnerships across the globe including South America, Asia and Europe.

Although, there is one market Adeyoola hasn’t secured yet. He told the Daily Telegraph, “I can now get into any boardroom at all the major retailers around the world – except the US. I need to expand my network in that space.”

With over $20 million in funding, Metail has unlimited possibilities in the world of online shopping, and will only continue to grow from here. Stay up-to-date on Metail’s retailers to see which companies will be added to its current international client base, which includes Tesco, Warehouse, Shop Direct, Salando, Dafiti.


  1. As someone who has struggled with finding the right clothes online and battled with weight loss and gain, I think this is a great idea and site! It can be incredibly useful. I hope this makes its way to the United States so we can have an easier process with online shopping too! I think this will also be beneficial for all men and women who are looking to save time and money when they are looking for clothing. 

  2. As someone who enjoys shopping but not the act of having to drive to the mall or store, browse the selection, wait in line, etc this is something I am really excited about! If this makes it way to the United States it would make online shopping much more efficient and would eliminate the worry of not having the clothing fit properly. 

  3. I love the idea of this website because everyone can relate to this new concept in some way or another. I think it’s interesting to see how the company will grow and improve their website. I like the research that you did on this topic!

  4. As someone who doesn’t online shop just because of the reasons stated above, this idea is amazing! I am 6 feet tall so I never know if pants will be long enough, or if a top will fit my shoulders so I would definitely utilize this! I wonder how accurate the system is..

    great article! 

  5. This is amazing! I have a huge fear of online shopping because you honestly just never know what you’re going to get, and even so, if it is going to fit. I love the accessibility of this because everyone around the world can use it since it’s online. Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely have to check it out. 

  6. Great article. Like other commenters, I too fear online shopping because I never know how clothes will fit. Being a tall man, it’s hard to find pants and to be sure that they fit.

  7. I never shop online because it’s never seemed convenient to me.  However, my sister complains about this all the time.  I am forwarding this article to her today.  The article is sure to make any online shopper’s day.

  8. What a cool reminder that any idea can turn into something huge! I like the entrepreneurial aspect of this article, because a lot of people in my family are entrepreneurs too! I would def try using this, because I LOVE to shop online, but often end up going through the hassle of returns if it doesn’t fit or look right!

  9. This is a great invention! Seems like their could be other practical uses for the software to.

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