This Fitness Expert is on a Mission to Unlock Your Limitless Potential


In 2003, Brandon Kelly was in a horrific motorcycle accident. He broke multiple limbs, snapped his pelvis in half and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. Today, this fitness expert is on a mission because of that experience, he believes we are all perfect machines.

“I wouldn’t have been able to just get out of my accident or continue living if everything hadn’t worked out in the exact precise manner to let my life continue,” he says.

“It helped me understand that we’re all doing the exact same thing.” His mission is to remind each of us that, indeed, we are perfect machines.

Fitness expert Kelly created Midas Touch Lifestyle and Fitness, a community dedicated to expanding and understanding human potential and performance. Midas Touch serves as a reminder that we can achieve anything once we make the decision. “The time has come to wake up from our coma because we have many things to go and touch. We literally shape ourselves and the world around us into whatever we want.

We want to show you how to reshape your body so that we can all learn how to reshape the world,” he says. As a fitness expert, Kelly emphasizes that it begins with movement.

“The first step is waking up and turning our bodies back on. The energy is there; we just have to flip the switch.”

During this incredible journey, Kelly found the Japanese art of Kendama けん玉 — a challenging wooden skill toy that originated more than a century ago and now is played around the globe. According to Kendama U.S.A., the game challenges and strengthens many physical motor skills, including hand-eye coordination, balance and reflex.

Now a fierce advocate for the toy that can make you not only physically but mentally strong, Kelly shows the results of his journey in a photo series and Calendar intended to help individuals jumpstart the new year with focus.


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