VISUAL: Top 10 Languages Spoken Around the World

This infographic shows the distribution of the top 10 languages spoken around the globe.

  • Mandarin Chinese is spoken by the greatest amount of people around the world, nearing 1 billion. It is interesting to note that two of the top five languages most commonly spoken in the United States are different than those languages around the globe.


  1. I love the look of the infographic! It looks clean and has some great information on it! I wish it had more details about which languages where but otherwise it’s great! 

  2. Awesome infographic, very easy to understand and provided a lot of information.  Can’t believe there’s almost double the amount of Chinese Mandarin speakers compared to English speakers!

  3. This infographic is awesome! I love the color scheme and design. It has some information that I didn’t know before too. Good job Christina!

  4. This infographic is awesome for many reasons: it’s clean, it’s easy to read, it gives you simple information that you WANT to read and it’s cute. Great job!

  5. This infographic is really interesting. It’s very easy to understand and read. I had no idea that Mandarin and Hindi are the two most common languages spoken in the world. 

  6. This just makes me wish I had learned more mandarin while I was abroad. Why did I choose Spanish?!

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