Adventures in Europe, Part 2 – Berlin, The City That Never Sleeps

The first mural of East Side Gallery, the longest-open air gallery comprised of the longest still standing part of the Berlin Wall. Photo taken by Josie Lucero.

Next stop on my journey was to the land of currywurst, the famous fried pork sausage in Berlin that’s seasoned and topped with ketchup.

One thing that amazed me about Berlin was the second you’re out on the streets, it was almost as if I could feel the history surrounding me. The weather alone was gloomy, dark and ominous, setting the tone for the sites I was about to see.

Berliner Dom Cathedral
Famous graffiti on Berlin Wall

From the ancient cathedrals, to the Holocaust Memorials, it’s hard to imagine that people live there and drive past history on a daily basis. The remains of the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery are a window into Berlin’s history that is a glimpse into the past unlike any other.

Berlin has a nightlife renowned throughout Europe. Compared to early nights in the United States, Berliners don’t even begin their night out until 2 a.m.

It is normal for half the clubs and restaurants to be open from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. and the other half open from 12 p.m. and until 12 a.m. There is such a thing called “AM and PM” bars, so if someone truly want to, they actually could party for 24 hours straight.

A city of rebirth, Berlin is anything but stuck in the past — embracing culture in new beginnings. Berlin locals are very much alive and celebrate life to its fullest. Now I truly know what it means to “do as the Berliners do.”

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