10 things that define your traveling childhood

1. When this little guy is your right-hand man.

Home is where your passport is

That little book that tells you all about yourself: your name, the homeland of your parents, the last place you lived once. Maybe constantly changing with new colorful stamps and visas.

2. When this is the view from your “front porch”

View of the sky from a plane

This one gets you. That view above the clouds that looks the same no matter what part of the world you’re flying over.

3. When you at least try to be prepared

bilingual dictionaries

This one might have been a good thing to look over before you landed in that place where everyone looked and spoke differently. It’s ok though because you caught on pretty quick.

4. When “The New Kid” is your name

Name tag, "HELLO my name is"

For those who have spent longer times than just a short trip, your new classmates, teachers, anyone constantly needed to be introduced to you and you them.

5. When a trip ends there is always a goodbye

A person waving goodbye on an airport runway

For every amazing new person that you met, there was probably a time where you were forever changed by saying goodbye to someone you held dear.

6. When you see this and your heart skips a beat

List of departures to many different places in an airport

You get a little giddy seeing all the places you could possibly go. You are at the hub of travel more than you are anyplace else and it’s exciting.

7.  Your Security Blanket was in fact not a blanket

A pile of suitcases ready to be filled

Everything you hold important to survival is found in the contents of this tightly packed, organized safety-bag.

8. When our friends would respond to your travel experience with this face

Justin Bieber scoffing at you

You aren’t trying to brag but it comes off like you’re teaching everyone geography lessons.

9. When you feel every emotion at once

A very confused monkey

You are happy, sad, nostalgic, excited, depressed, ecstatic. You feel rejuvenated but drained. When you travel across the world, you’re bound to have some mixed signals.

10. When these aren’t the things you see in movies, they are your memories

City at dusk

A beautiful beach with ice blue waters

Beautiful building in China

Yosemite with snow on the ground

It was all worth it because you saw things that some people never could imagine. Your mind is opened and a wonderfully reckless sense of self has been found. You became yourself by traveling the world and seeing the incredible surroundings that make every day an adventure and you are given a lifetime full of epic memories.

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This book: Third Culture Kids:Growing up Among Worlds by David C. Pollock and Ruth E. Van Reken, found on Amazon.com.

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