Is the LBD dead?

Is the LBD dead?lbd wylio2

Has the little black dress become a big crutch? There are semi designers and a windfall of new designers on this shore as well as across the big Pond. Rosie Assoulin, Tanya Taylor, Jonathan Saunders. Many of this seasons designers have an edge.  Our established designers are stepping it up as well. With that edge that is desired by those of us who don’t want to be stuck in the black and white sea of pigeons. Be it a special occasion, or just a day to look show-stopping-fabulous, the LBD has its limits.

Today everyone wants to be noticed for his or her individuality….it is the time to grasp the concept of our own “signature” look. Color is the key! Nothing catches the eye like a blood red dress for those who love the classics.Periwinkle for the shy in a simple sheath will always wow both the perfect lead in to a “killer”shoe choice.

The LBD can be reserved for those more somber occasions, but there is a new sheath in town. Sheaths are enveloped, tucked, asymmetricly folded, color blocked, abstract splashed and perfectly placed roushed. Look for full floral, digital printed…so many choices to strut this spring and summer. Don’t misunderstand the love for the classic black….Audrey Hepburn in a sleeveless fitted black dress will always be a favorite.

   lbd tan scarf, wylio                     But!

Now is the time to celebrate a break from routine by wearing Tropical hues, powder soft washes of color and brights to make a hit for nights out. The LBD will always be waiting in the wings for us and on the “Must Have” list….but for now let’s stretch our imaginations and know that a bit of variety in the dress department will  be a big hit and more important  a sure head turner…….

Fashionably Yours,lbd grey sheath, wylio



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