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In a time when huge amounts of literature are available almost anywhere, it pays to look around for something that gives not only a compelling plot, but also something a little extra. Caballero: A Historical Novel by Jovita Gonzales and Eve Raleigh is one such story.

Set in in the late 1840s, this story follows a group of Mexican aristocrat ranchers as they struggle against the invasion of a conquering U.S. army in what is rapidly becoming the new state of Texas. This in-depth and unique look at a rather important time in relations between the U.S. and its southern neighbor explores not only the political and social forces at work on a grand scale, but also the challenges of the people involved.

Written in a style reminiscent of novels Pride and Prejudice and Gone with the Wind, the story follows the Mendoza y Soria family;  a wealthy group of landowners who are more than secure in their dominance. But as the time comes for the children of the imposing patriarch Santiago to get married, the once far away war comes to their doorstep as Mexico cedes its lands north of the Rio Grande to the Americans.

Suddenly citizens of their old country’s greatest enemy, the family must learn to assimilate – or fight.

All throughout this cultural impasse there is forbidden romance, violent confrontations, and family uprising; all in the style of an era romance.

Caballero is no casual read, taking place over 300 plus large pages, but it is worthwhile.

Fans of classic romance will enjoy the star-crossed lovers Susanita and Warrener. History buffs will get more than their fix of famous battles and the birth of a new state. And, perhaps most importantly, this story presents an interesting and unique look at the serious clashing of beliefs and cultures whose mixing eventually led to the Texas we have today.

An absolute must for anyone interested in the early history of the border areas of the U.S. and Mexico, Caballero is not only good for history, but is also an in depth look at the changes occurring at the time through the eyes of a host of interesting characters and situations.


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  1. I certainly am a sucker for classic romance books (secretly) – so this book seems like a great read! Thanks for the review! I can’t wait to explore the world of Caballero.

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