Five yoga poses alleviate travel stress

Let’s face it — travel is fun, but it also can be stressful.

In a life full of stress, it is always good to step back and take time for yourself. Life is busy, stressful and during times of travel it can be even more hectic. Take a few minutes for yourself and try these yoga poses to reduce stress and pain sometimes associated with travel.  A few of these will have you shaking of jet lag in no time!


Upward facing dogSanskirit name: Urdhva Mukha Svanasana 


  • This pose will stretch out stomach and back after a long day of walking on hard sidewalks, cobblestone or earth. Lay face forward on the stomach and press into  palms while lifting shoulders back and head up.
  • Inhale to stretch and exhale to relax your body.

On the exhale, pull  legs underneath the body and place your forehead on the mat.

Next, move into…

Child’s pose  — Sanskrit name: Balasana

childs-0010-300x199.jpgPhoto source

This pose can restore the body’s energy and stretch sore muscles that have been sitting or standing all day.

  • Lay with  knees on the outer edges of a yoga mat or firm cushioned surface and bring both big toes to touch.
  • Exhale and reach  hands further and further from the body, creating a stretch.
  • Sink body deep into  hips.

Now if you have a wall near you can move into…


Legs-up-on-the-wallSanskrit name: Viparita Karani

yogaonwall.jpgPhoto source

  • Place your bottom where the wall and the floor meet with feet facing up at the ceiling.
  • Lay your back and head on the ground and relax, making an “L” shape with the body.
  • Hands can be by your sides or out forming a “T” shape.
  • Let breathing be your guide and just relax, allowing gravity to sink you closer to the earth.

From here you can simply move into…


Corpse poseSanskirit name: Savasana

 yoga-savasana-300x187.jpgPhoto Source

  • Scoot back off of the wall so the entire body is laying flat on the ground.
  • Good job this is Savasana.
  • Easy right? And so relaxing, so just lay here and let your chest rise and fall with your breath.
  • Just focus your mind and body on your breath and don’t concentrate on anything else.

 Next is…

Plow poseSanskirit name: Halasana

yoga-pose-plow-pose-790-1.jpgPhoto source

  • Finally, if your neck is sore from stress, or travel or just life…
  • Put hands underneath hips and raise the legs.
  • Push legs into the air and over your head, placing toes on the ground above your head.
  • Here you can walk the feet further from your body or keep them in the air, depending on the stretch you desire.

Now, go out and conquer the day! (or get some sleep, whichever is applicable)


  1. I love that the feature photo is an image of yourself!  I really enjoyed this article, and I think it works perfectly for CULTURS’audience.

  2. I have always wanted to start doing yoga, and this article was a good start for me as a beginner!

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