Brussels, Belgium: A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise

Photo found on http://choco-story-brussels.be/fr/le-musee
Photo By: Yaacov Dagan
Photo By: Yaacov Dagan

February 15 has the reputation for being known as the day of discounted chocolate. With the passing of the most romantic day of the year, chocolate becomes that “special someone” to lean on in times of loneliness. Thankfully for those people, there’s one place in the world that is known for chocolate that could fill any void. Welcome to Brussels, Belgium. Being known as the “Chocolate Capitol of the World” Brussels is a must for those with a sweet tooth. Thanks to the inventor of the praline, Jean Neuhas, Brussels became the pioneer for the start of the chocolate business.

Brussels, Belgium via Bigstock.com
Brussels, Belgium via Bigstock.com

Besides being home to the two largest chocolate factories in the world, Godiva and Leonidas, Brussels has more chocolatiers per square foot than any other city in the world according to K.C. Dermody on tripstodiscover.com.

Being one of the highest rated countries of chocolate consumption in the world, Belgians consume up to 15 pounds of chocolate during the year.

Photo found on http://choco-story-brussels.be/fr/le-musee
The house De Valk (literally, the “Falcon”). This listed house was built in 1697. Source

 Brussels also offers tours of some of the most delectable chocolate factories in the world. Then while enjoying the chocolates from the tour, Musee du Cacao et du Chocolate (Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate) should be the next stop on the list. According to Dermody, people can learn the history of this delightful treat and see how it’s masterly crafted.

So next February 15 instead of heading to the nearest grocery store for the discounted chocolate, plan a trip to Brussels for some sweet experiences.


  1. Informative and well-written. And all this time I thought Switzerland was the go-to for all that is chocolate… Thanks, Lauren!

  2. As someone who absolutely has a sweet tooth for chocolate, I found this article to be worth reading! Chocolate can bring many people together, especially when two people like the same kind, it can create so many conversations. This summer when I am traveling through Europe, my sister and I will be heading to this museum to explore the history a little bit more! Thanks for the great read! 

  3. I have had many friends visit this part of the world and have heard nothing but positive feedback from it!  I love chocolate so your title really captivated me right off the bat. I like the layout of your piece, and fell that it is a very story article! 

  4. I have a huge sweet tooth and have always dreamed of going to Europe. When I plan my dream trip, Belgium will be on the list! I cannot wait to tour the museum and some of the best chocolate factories in the world! Your background images of what I can expect are so enticing, I think I may have to go buy some Godiva chocolate just to cure my sweet tooth! 

  5. Who doesn’t love chocolate and travel? Two very important things that make a match made in heaven in the iconic and beautiful town of Brussels. This article truly highlights the magnificent vacation spot for all chocolate lovers to delve into for their stay.

  6. I visited Brussels for a short time this past summer and had the pleasure of trying some chocolates while I was there. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories! I might just have to go back to try these places…

  7. I love Brussels, it was one of my favorite places we visited when my family did a huge European tour. And of course, what is a European tour with chocolate? This piece was fantastic, you really did justice to the culture and the delicious chocolate it had to offer! Thanks for sharing, and consequently, making me crave chocolate! 

  8. When I travel to Europe, I will have to stop by Brussel’s and try their chocolate.  I’m not a big chocolate guy but this article made me crave it.  I also enjoyed how you brought humor to the article with the discounted chocolate day!  

  9. I’m going to be in Brussels for a little while this summer!!! And now I’m ten times more excited about it.

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