VIDEO: Connecting Cultures through Dance: The Israel-Palestine Conflict – Part 2

Culturs TV returns with our conversation with Kayla Banks, a multicultural dancer, to continue to talk with her about her dance piece, “Eye for an Eye,” and how the movements in the piece came to represent the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Banks recalled the movements that she rehearsed in the studio while listening to Christian music, Surah in Arabic, and Jewish hymns to connect to the spirituality of the people. The move where the dancer stretched her arms out and then brought them together represents the two sides of the conflict.

Although some of the moves were rehearsed, a lot of the moves just came to her. Banks said that many dancers believe in the spirituality and mysticism in dancing. A lot of cultures believe that dancing is a way to connect with something beyond yourself.

Banks hoped that the dance could communicate peace and encourage people to communicate to improve the state of the conflict.

“We live in a world where there’s never been a time of complete peace,” Bank said.

Banks said that the dancer moving towards the geese in the distance represented journeying toward something better. She wanted the audience to think about working towards freedom and peace and the importance of striving towards this even if it seems unattainable.

“How can an individual find peace within themselves, and how can they as an individual make the world a better place?” Banks said.

In the final part of this three part series, Culturs TV will finish talking to Kayla Banks and how this piece truly embodies a connected world.

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