VIDEO: Sixty Seconds in the San Bernardino Mountains, California for Mental Focus and Well-Being

This Culturs TV Wednesday Energy Medicine Minute comes from the San Bernardino Mountains in California, where Culturs.guru expert Dondi Dahlin shares an Energy Medicine technique designed to help cross your energies for better mental focus and well-being.

The Cross-Crawl is a wonderful technique to do if you feel depressed or if you find it difficult to heal or find yourself unable to move through the day with ease and joy. This technique pulls you out of a stress response that Dondi refers to as “homolateral,” which means your energies are not crossing. You want your energies to cross for not only your mental health, but your physical health as well.

To do this technique, try an “exaggerated march” like Dondi demonstrates. You will do a few sets of “same-side” movements (left hand with the left leg, right hand with the right leg), all while breathing deeply. Then connect the opposite sides of the body (left hand with right leg, right hand with left leg).

You can repeat these sequences a few times each time you do this technique. You will receive a great benefit by doing this exercise many times through the day, every day, for at least a week.

Dondi, her sister, Titanya Dahlin, and their mother, Donna Eden, are Culturs.guru experts who perform Energy Minutes all around the world to bring health and healing to Culturs TV audience. Please note the Eden Energy Medicine disclaimer by clicking here.

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