Liminal Identity Through the Eyes of a Tween: Part 3

Liminal Identity through the Eyes of a Tween- Part 3
The Color Purple 2023

In this final segment interviewing Kameron McMillion, Culturs TV will wrap up the discussion about McMillion’s articles and what exactly inspires her to write about culture.

McMillion said her column title, “Kam’s Eye-View,” was chosen to represent how her articles are from her point of view, as a twelve-year-old girl that identifies with multiple different cultures. She has gotten positive feedback from her teachers as there are not many tweens that are published in a cultural magazine.

McMillion explained that, on her dad’s side, the Latina culture is a strong influence. She said her family encourages her to keep studying Spanish and learning more about her cultural heritage.

With two younger sisters, McMillion said she aims to help them explore their cultural heritage. Even as a nine-year-old, McMillion’s younger sister is already researching her heritage and cultural background.

On the Military Brat side, McMillion’s father grew up moving from place to place due to his family’s military background. She said her father constantly tries to inform her about the different cultures he has experienced growing up in many different places. Much of McMillion’s writing inspiration is due to the many different experiences her father has relayed to her.

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