Urbinati: Stylist of the Suits

Ilaria Urbinati with her client Nina Dobrev
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This Paris-grown, but Rome-born culturally mobile adult has made it to the red carpet of Hollywood to dress the side of the red carpet that will not be wearing dresses.

Since the rise of Rachel Zoe, many have taken to dressing the stars for almost any occasion.

Ilaria Urbinati has done something different. Her specialty has become the men in suits and she is arguably the only one doing it.

The stylist grew up with a photographer for a father and an art dealer who began as a model for a mother. She had already had a taste of the fashion world from a young age and an eye for the tasteful.

Ilaria Urbinati with her client Nina Dobrev
Ilaria Urbinati with her client Nina Dobrev

Her career first began when her aunt hired her as an assistant for her boutique. She told the New York Times, “I remember sitting front row at Balenciaga and Margiela.”

Soon she was writing for magazines such as Nylon, an independent publication and developing her ever evolving style that is all her own.

The mixture of American and European cultures has had an impact on her profession as a stylist. “My European background is the reason why my biggest aesthetic fascination is with Americana. I aspire to dress all my male clients to look like ’50s American icons like Paul Newman and James Dean,” said Urbinati to Papermag.

Some of her clients include: Bradley Cooper, Jason Clarke, Nina Dobrev, Armie Hammer, Krysten Ritter, Chris Evans, Ian Somerhalder and Joel Edgerton.

She is now the co-owner of the designer retail store Confederacy that hosts art installations among the designer frocks.

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