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Military Brat” is a name given to kids who come from a family that has moved around because they had a parent in the military. The term, “Military Brat,” has become a form of cultural identity for those children who were part of these families that moved from base to base all over the world. A military brat’s lifestyle consists of high cultural mobility, and the children often don’t consider any one place their “hometown.” Here are three examples of celebrities that grew up as Military Brats.

1. Pink: Her father was a Vietnam Veteran, and she even has a song about it called “My Vietnam.”

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2.  Christina Aguilera: With her father being in the Army, she was born in New York, and has lived all around the United States and even out of the country as far as Japan.

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3. Julianne Moore: During adolesence, she moved 12 times to bases all over the world. Her father was a judge for the Army.













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