12 Items Every Photographer Needs for Traveling

This is an infographic describing every piece of equipment that should be brought on a photo trip. Every photographer needs to be well prepared for every situation possible when traveling.

Photography Infographic

  1. Don’t forget the camera. The camera is the most important item in the bag. The camera is the reason for travel and all the trouble to get to foreign and exotic lands.
  2. A remote shutter release goes along with the tripod. The shutter release is used to release the shutter of the camera without having to touch the camera. This allows the photographer to take the picture without disturbing the camera to keep it completely still.
  3. A tripod is one of the most important tools every photographer needs in their pack. A tripod can be used to keep the camera stable when taking long exposure photos, portraits, and panoramas.
  4. At least one extra lens is important to be able to create different shots. It is recommended to have a multi-purpose lens like a 15 – 300mm lens to capture anything near or far and a detail lens like a 1.8 55mm for portraits and close ups.
  5. Lens light filters are always a handy tool to keep in a camera bag. Filters are used to darken the light coming into the camera so the photographer may open the aperture for a longer period of time to soften movement, like water in a river. This allows the photographer to create long exposure photos in broad daylight without allowing too much light into the camera.
  6. A cleaning kit is essential because when traveling all sorts of gunk and dust can make its way into the camera. Dust is extremely damaging to camera lenses and image sensors. It is important to keep the entire camera clean at all times.
  7. When in strange countries it is important to be able to charge all of the gear, so a universal adapter is necessary.
  8. Food and water are important because it is easy to get dehydrated and famished when taking pictures and hiking around foreign lands all day in the sun.
  9. A flashlight is a handy tool when getting up at the crack of dawn to photograph a sunrise or a sunset. One could get caught in the dark when photographing during these prime light conditions.
  10. An external hard drive should be brought along to store photos between shoots so that memory cards don’t get too full.
  11. EXTRA MEMORY! This cannot be emphasized more. It is important to ALWAYS have extra memory cards, the more the better. There is nothing worse than running out of memory and not being able to shoot everything.
  12. Extra batteries are an extremely important item to have in a camera bag when traveling. If one is in the middle of nowhere it is important to have extra batteries so that one doesn’t have to cut a photoshoot short because of an empty battery.

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