Black Power in Comic Books and the Importance of Nuance

Black Panther is not the first black character printed on paper, but he certainly has a lively journey, full of ruling Wakanda, saving the Marvel multiverse and early writer’s problematic beginnings. In this article, we analyze the history of black and African American people in comic books and address the importance of nuance in storytelling.

SERIES – PART 2 OF 3: Monstress is an Epic Fantasy Combining Race Relations and the Power of Friendship Between Women

Monstress is an epic fantasy graphic novel written by Marjorie Liu telling the tale of Maika Halfwolf, a teenage girl sharing a psychic link to a power monster who occasionally emerges from the stub of her severed left arm. Inspired by early 20th century Asia, Monstress is set in a matriarchal world split into factions, where war for power and greed set the stage for our heroine to avenge her fallen mother.


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