Cross-Cultural Author Teaches Others to Embrace Differences

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Nigerian TCK Tayo Rockson, grew up in five countries across four continents. He’s made it his life’s mission to use the resulting differences stemming from his cross-cultural upbringing to make an impact around the globe. Currently a cross-cultural expert and president of UYD Media, Rockson encourages readers to become more culturally competent in an increasingly diverse world through his newly published book, “Use Your Difference to Make a Difference.”

In the book, Rockson outlines how our increasingly interconnected, digitized and globalized world presents immense opportunities and unique challenges for cultural communication. Institutional interaction in a diverse range of cultural and national backgrounds increase opportunities for miscommunication, errors in strategy and the unintended consequences that come with them.

With the vast availability of information available today through technology, Rockson cites that understanding how to navigate these and other pitfalls requires adaptability, nuanced cross-cultural communication and effective conflict resolution skills. The book aims to provide readers with a skills-based, actionable plan that transforms people with differences into agents of inclusiveness, connection and mutual understanding.

This innovative and timely guide illustrates how to leverage differences and move beyond unconscious biases, manage culturally-diverse workplaces and create more tolerant schooling environments, more trusted media and institutions around the globe. The 222-page, hardcover reference provides detail on teamwork, leadership styles, information sharing, delegation, supervision, giving and receiving feedback, coaching and motivation, recruiting, managing suppliers and customers and more with an intent to assist in managing essential aspects of international relationships and cultural awareness.

It can help employees better understand and collaborate with clients and colleagues from different backgrounds, assist teachers in building safe environments for students to be themselves and strengthen cross-cultural competencies in individuals and their organizations.

Touted as a must-have resource for any educator, parent, leader, manager or team member of an organization that interacts with co-workers and customers from diverse cultural backgrounds, the book is available at Amazon.com and bookstores throughout North America.

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