Scottish Cupcakes? Now You’re Talking My Language!

Scotland Highlands


If you are visiting Scotland, whether it be for business or pleasure there are a few things you don’t want to miss.

You must visit the Scottish Highlands to get a possible glimpse of Nessie, the supposed Loch Ness Monster, at one of the most famous lakes in the world. Right before you bask in the architectural beauties of the EdinburghCastle, consider having what a New York Times writer calls a “superb array of farmhouse cheeses” from  Iain J. Mellis Cheesemonger.  Finally, when  headed back to the hotel after all of that excitement and you have a hankering for something sweet, don’t worry, we’ve found the cupcakes.

Cupcakes are the quintessential sweet finish to a fine day of tourism, ubiquitous wandering, and good grub. Sweet and fluffy decadence topped with a mound of rich and creamy goodness is definitely something you should seek out wherever you are! Scotland is no different, with a little research one can find several cupcake shops that come with some great options.

The interesting thing about cupcakes in Scotland is that unlike the “traditional” American butter cake; a lot of bakeries have cupcakes made from a sponge cake. Epicurious says that these types of cakes are notable more for what they are missing than for what they contain. Instead of including ingredients like butter, oil, or baking powder, volume is created by whipping the eggs or egg whites; thus creating an extremely light, delicate cake with a spongy texture.

Courtesy of Cupcake Planet
Courtesy of Cupcake Planet

Cupcake Planet (located in Fife) is the home of the original couverture chocolate cakepop and prides itself on fresh ingredients. Cupcake Planet cupcakes are a fresh take on the classic vanilla, chocolate and carrots cakes with sweet upgrades like the Ferrero Rocher and Cookies and Cream cupcakes. Sweet!


Courtsey of Humble Pie Bakery LTD
Courtsey of Humble Pie Bakery LTD

Everyday Humble Pie Bakery LTD (located in Glasgow) showcases a selection from a wide range of luxury cupcakes offering more than 20 flavors. You can have something familiar like American-Style Red Velvet made traditionally with mild cream cheese frosting, or you can try something new like Dulce De Leche Toffee cupcake made with Argentian Dulce De Leche and ‘Diam Bar’ topper. Not all of the flavors are available every day because choices rotate. If a favorite flavor isn’t offered–don’t worry– order any of the flavors (with a minimum of 12 cupcakes) for the road.

So when in Scotland, remember to do as the Scottish and enjoy a Snashters (something sweet and good to eat).  Pickup yourself a cupcake and keep cupcaking internationally.



  1. Great article! As someone who hopes to travel across Europe someday, it’s always beneficial to know of the best sweet spots to visit! 

  2. Everyone appreciates food! Great article featuring such a great place! Love the pictures.

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