For the Love of Music: Blending Cultures Part 1 of 3

Music has always been one of the most influential mediums of human expression. In this series we will discuss how music has shaped the understanding of the TCK experience. This is the first part in a three part series. Today we will examine how the blending of genres and cultures leads is corollary to the experience of someone who is culturally mobile.

Blending Genres

With the dawn of the internet it has become easier to find music from around the world. Modern musicians have taken advantage of this privilege and have created more culturally diverse tunes. Whether the artists themselves identify as TCK’s or not; this type of music helps lead us to a more culturally enlightened society.

Paving the Way

Some notable bands have blended influences from various countries to create a unique sound.

Khruangbin blends Middle Eastern chords with Latin based scales and tempos to make interesting psychedelic rock. Godspeed You! Black Emperor use samples from around the world and integrate Asian scales for their post rock/ambient discography. The Talking Heads blend synth-pop, punk, and afrobeat and broke through to the mainstream in the 70s and 80s.

Blending influences from around the world give the mainstream population an introduction to different cultures. Many listeners have a hard time exploring different countries music scenes, but with more bands blending influences it can lead to less ignorance.


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