Fall Fashion Basics

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You can feel it in the air… See it in all your favorite magazines. Here’s the online fashion buzz.

Everyone’s clothing season is approbation to fall and it’s time to take inventory of what you must keep in your wardrobe of strong staples. This makes it easy to add the current jackets, skirt, pants, silhouettes to blend and extend. You don’t need every new piece of clothing from this season, but there are workable pieces that work back to a solid fall wardrobe moving forward.


This makes it easy to add the current jackets, skirt, pants, silhouettes to blend and extend.


Rules of thumb:

  • Dress – great “personal silhouette” dress
  • Boots – tall/short
  • New pair of great shoes from office to dinner.
  • Coat – this season’s shape (right color warmth is a must).
  • Accessories – have fun and keep very affordable.. All are your look-changers without breaking the bank.
  • New basic cardigan=jacket=cardigan
  • You have your updates… Get creative.

If any of the items above do not appear in your favorite stores, open your mind to “online.” The world is your oyster on line. A couple of my favorite’s are style.com and Sugarpop.com

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  1. I really needed this article! I’m doing some spring cleaning with my clothes and this will help to make sure I only keep NEEDED fall pieces. It’ll also be useful for when I do some back to school shopping ;P

  2. I just started spring cleaning today, and I am so thankful I came across this article. I really like the idea of a new pair of shoes for the office to dinner. Versatility in the fashion world is a big deal, and it’s best when you have a great piece that can fit multiple occasions, rather than a lot of mediocre pieces for some occasions. Thanks for the insight!

  3. I like this article! fashion is so interesting to me and i totally swear by my basic but well needed items!!

  4. Great article! Although dresses don’t apply to me, it’s a great reminder that fall fashion is important!

  5. Interesting article even though I dont wear dresses. I do appreciate the fashion knowledge though!

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