Healthful snacks on the go!

Okay, if we’re being honest, life is busy.

The plane won’t wait, neither will the professor, you can’t be late to work one more time this month and if you don’t hurry you won’t be ready by Eight when you said you’d be ready for that first date. Life sometimes moves so fast you don’t have a moment for yourself and sometimes you think that stopping at that drive through will suffice. I am here to help! Just because you are on schedule or are dealing with finals doesn’t mean you have to lose those healthy habits.


Here are some great snacks to hold you over for those long, and busy, days:


An apple

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So easy to just grab from the fridge and go, easy enough to eat on its own and you can just toss the core when done. If you have a little more prep time in the morning or a cool apple cutter, one of my favorite snacks is sliced apples and almond or peanut butter and you can just take it on the go! This will restore some blood sugar to keep you going and if you add the peanut/almond butter some protein for lasting energy.




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Keeping a bag of almonds in your car or backpack is never a bad idea. Almonds are great for a little bit of protein restore in the body. A handful of almonds are low in calories have a good amount of healthy fats and have some protein so grabbing a handful will keep you going passed that Mcdee’s stop.


Apple sauce


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Okay who doesn’t miss being a kid? One is never too old for applesauce. It is a great snack on the go because now there are those amazing single serving pouches (for kids, but we’ve already established they can be great for any age). You can also make your own homemade applesauce with single serve pouches to go. A delicious snack that takes you back to the good ole days where naps were required.


Granola bars


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Granola bars are a great thing to have on hand when on the go. Easy to eat, and a little sugar and carbs to give a quick energy boost. These are easy to make or you can grab a box at the store to last a couple of weeks! Just make sure to read labels and if you can’t pronounce the word you are eating you probably shouldn’t eat it.




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Yeah not like some apple juice or orange juice. Some green fruit smoothies! These are great for meals on the go and if you don’t have a juicer at home there are plently of juice smoothies available at local grocery stories and even some gas stations just make sure you stick to healthy fruits and vegetable juices you can read.




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What’s not the next best thing to on-the-go-juices? Smoothies are easy to make and the more natural ingredients the better it is for you. Try adding some kale or protein to your fruit smoothies for added health benefits. And when choosing fruits make sure you go with your ABCs: apples, berries and cherries are the best fruits for you!




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Sometimes hunger pain is caused by dehydration. So make sure you stay hydrated on those long days! I love putting lemon or cucumbers in my water for added antioxidants and cucumber water can help you lose bloat in the belly! So drink up, you should be having half your weight in ounces of water daily!

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