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TCK EXPLORE gives advice on great ways for TCKs to find friends no matter where you are.

Musical festival season is officially upon us in the Northern Hemisphere! The weather has changed towards spring time and with the longer days comes the opportunity to meet people and explore surroundings through 1 to 5 day musical festivals. Festivals come in all shapes and sizes for all types of individuals; here are a few music festival categories to touch on the different goals festivals in your area may have.

With a health and wellness goal.

Music festivals such as Arise have live music, yoga classes, workshops, theme camps, as well as art galleries and installations. Arise in particular also has areas for a children’s village, speakers and film showings. This music festival has musicians participating from numerous genres, so if you want to learn about many contemporary artists this is a great festival to attend. There are yoga instructors teaching throughout the weekend and other workshops in the area of health and wellness. Also, Arise has green initiatives in place to make sure this festival impacts the environment as little as possible – even many of the art installations are made from recycled material. For individuals looking for a wellness retreat that also allows them to experience numerous musicians and meet new people, this could be the type of music festival for you.

With a religious or spiritual goal.

Music festivals such as Heavenfest are created for religious groups to get together to worship. Heavenfest goes against festival stereotypes by not allowing alcohol and drugs on the premises. This particular festival is for Christians so if you believe in God and are looking for a place to make new friends with the same beliefs, or to re-energize your faith, this type of festival could be for you.  

To celebrate the culture of the area.

LeAnna C. at Buku Fest and Art Project, New Orleans, 2015

Music festivals such as Buku are around to celebrate the local culture of New Orleans or of the origins of the artists themselves. Here the music is used to aid numerous artists as they make their pieces in front of the audience. Look around for artists making sculptures, paintings, and a variety of other pieces as you wander from stage to stage.

To explore new places.

If you are looking to experience new places while you attend a festival Jam Cruise might be for you. This 5 day festival travels the waters around Belize, Mexico and the Caribbean. While on the yacht you enjoy the festival, and when you port in three different places the wanderlusts of the weekend get their exploration fix!

No matter where you are or what you enjoy, there is a music festival to help you make connections and experience the world. 

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