Guatemalan mission: “The longest Two weeks of my life”

Ordinary Missionaries 

The stories of George And Vonda Sisneros as they work in the village of El Rosario, Guatemala

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As I write this, my heart is racing a little.  Two weeks ago, Cecilia had an asthma attack that scared us to the bone.  She felt like she wasn’t getting enough air, her chest was tight and she began to cry.  She took her rescue inhaler and calmed down.  She eventually fell asleep and slept well through the night.The next day, she had two smaller asthma attacks.  It concerned me and I didn’t want to have another night like the one before so I decided to take her to the emergency room.  I was referred to the best hospital in Guatemala which was in the city.She was immediately cared for by multiple doctors.  Tests were ordered including a chest x-ray, a cat scan and multiple blood tests.  She spent the night and we talked with her doctor the next morning.  He said she had a small sinus infection but every other test came back negative.

The doctor said that Cecilia was in very good health.  But she was still struggling to breathe.  It was so frustrating.  They wanted to keep her another night to monitor her and again.  The next morning the doctor visited and told us that Ceci was healthy.  There is no reason she should be breathing so hard.We left the hospital on Friday morning, hoping, praying, that she would begin to breathe normally. The next three nights were hard.  We had a peak flow monitor that showed Ceci was in fact getting enough air.  We believed the doctors who said she was in good health.  But she continued to struggle.After some researching on the internet I believe Cecilia has actually been experiencing stress and anxiety.  The “feelings” she has of not getting air are just that…feelings.  Vonda and I are working with a program called the Linden Method, which deals directly with stress and anxiety.  It’s been a week and we do see improvements.  One day at a time.  One moment at a time.  Ceci is getting better.

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